Finance And Accounts Outsourcing

What we do

General Accounting

We offer comprehensive accounting solutions for companies, branches and representative offices who wish to outsource some or all of their accounting functions. Our specialist industry knowledge provides comfort that transactions are accounted for correctly and that your entity is compliant.

Accounts Receivables Management

With a robust accounts receivable management process, the majority of outstanding invoices will not turn into business debts. We create a custom-made solution based on your business's needs in order to put you back in control.

Accounts Payables Management

TransFingo will deliver higher accuracy and decrease operations costs through process excellence, standardized accounts payable (AP) practices, and strategic use of automation. By introducing efficiency to your processes, we help you improve management of working capital and enhance visibility of your financial liabilities.

Travel and Expenses Claims Management

Expense reimbursement is a very common process in every company. Unfortunately, most companies find the administration of this process difficult and time consuming to manage internally, often resulting in late payments to employees, diluting the value of the money, or a poorly controlled process. We offer complete reimbursement process outsourced solutions to our clients.

Financial Reporting

Having reliable financial information is essential to maintaining the trust and confidence of lenders and investors. Our professionals have the technical experience and industry knowledge to help ensure that your financial statements are accurate and comply with the most recent tax and accounting requirements.

Cloud-based Accounting Dashboard

Accounting software with all the time-saving tools you need to grow your small business. We are able to help you implement a secure and reliable software based on your needs. Our experts are here to support you 24/7.

In light of recent developments related to COVID-19, we understand that businesses are looking to minimize cost.

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