Transfingo Installs First Liquid Effluent Food Waste Digester System at Marina Bay Financial Centre

While most food waste digester systems in Singapore convert food waste into compost, Transfingo Group’s patented product line called GomiXer produces non-potable liquid effluent that can be used as liquid fertiliser for watering plants, washing floor surfaces or simply be discharged into the sewage system. GomiXer is an odourless, single-point food waste disposal system that circumvents the need for further treatment of by-products thereby reducing its end-to-end carbon footprint.

Transfingo, together with its partner, FAMCO, have successfully installed its first GomiXer in one of the leading banks at Marina Bay Financial Centre to treat unavoidable food waste generated from their staff cafeteria.

GomiXer uses an organic, naturally existing microbial substrate to decompose food waste at a high >95% rate within 24 hours in a thermally insulated chamber. This efficient waste digestion rate helps keep sludge generation minimal.

GomiXer’s installed base in a diverse range of business sectors number more than 3,000 across many countries such as Japan, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Philippines and Malaysia. Many of the robustly-designed and manufactured GomiXers are still operating even after more than 10 years in installation.

As part of its sustainability efforts, Transfingo aims to ramp up the use of artificial intelligence and other advanced technology to reduce waste generation, thereby supporting businesses to cut costs.

Mr Jeremy Chan, Chairman of Transfingo Aviation Solutions, said, “Transfingo’s move into the sustainability space is timely as we combine technology, environmental awareness and innovation to efficiently treat food waste and encourage industries to adopt similar food waste digester initiatives”.

Transfingo Group together with its partner Eski Machine Company Ltd designs, manufactures and markets the innovative GomiXer aerobic digester that allows for rapid breakdown of food waste in institutional and commercial settings. The solution creates meaningful cost savings for customers while diverting food waste from landfills and reducing emissions related to the transportation and breakdown of waste.

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